History of the Skagit Valley Horseshoe Club


     Circa 1970 Fred Mesman and his brother Francis went to the Sedro Woolley Logger Rodeo to play in the horseshoe games. There they met Bill Owens and were informed that the horseshoe games had been cancelled. While visiting with Bill he invited them to his house on McCorquedale Rd. in Burlington (now part of I-5 Autoworld) where he had a horseshoe court underneath his house. About a week or so later Bill called the Mesman brothers and asked if they would be interested in starting a horseshoe club. They met to discussed it and decided that they needed a place to put some horseshoe courts. They rented some property east of Bill's wharehouse from Bill's neighbors Harold and Margaret Frye. Bill's friend Ken Ellestad, a builder, came over with his surveying tri-pod and helped them lay out the courts. At this time they put in 18 courts. Ken was also a horseshoe pitcher and became one of their first members. Later they cleaned out Bill's Roofing Supply Wharehouse and put in 4 indoor courts so they could pitch in the winter time.

     Along with Fred, Francis, Bill, and Ken some of the early horseshoe pitchers were Mike Sloan, Don McDougle, Harold Summers, Charlie King, Bart Barber, Dick Mueller, Jack McNutt, and Gaylord Lund.

Above information submitted by Fred Mesman.


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